31 July 2013

ON the third morning of the 18th High Council of The Salvation Army, the Chaplain’s prayers centred on God’s people being united in the Spirit. Using the song ‘Saviour and Lord, We Pray to Thee’ (The Song Book of The Salvation Army 692) the Chaplain (Commissioner James Condon) emphasised the prayer being made: ‘Pour out thy Spirit … and let thy love thy will dictate.’

The members from the six Indian territories were invited to sing, and they presented a simple chorus: ‘Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!’ in which everyone was able to join. After members had spent time in prayer with one another the Chaplain concluded with words of Jesus: ‘I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one – I in them and you in me – so that they may be brought to complete unity' (John 17: 22, 23 New International Version).

The day’s business began with the Chair of the Questions Committee being invited to describe the work of the committee in compiling the proposed questionnaires for General and the spouse of the General. Commissioner Clive Adams explained that all questions submitted by members had been reviewed by the committee and had provided the basis for the final draft questionnaires which were considered and approved by the full council. This part of the High Council’s business concluded, the council moved to the nomination of candidates. 

To prepare themselves for the next part of the proceedings members sang: ‘Here, Lord, assembled in thy name thy work to do, thy help we claim’ (Song 581). Reading from James 3, the Chaplain reminded everyone of the wisdom they needed, before offering prayer.

A quiet, prayerful atmosphere pervaded the chamber as members of the High Council received their nomination papers and left the room to fulfil the task entrusted to them.

The candidates who have accepted nomination to stand for election to the office of General are:

Commissioner André Cox,
Commissioner Kenneth Hodder,
Commissioner James Knaggs,
Commissioner Dick Krommenhoek
and Commissioner Barry Swanson.

Commissioner Clive Adams declined the nomination. 

Report by Major Christine Clement
High Council Communications Officer

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