A playground at a Salvation Army schoolThere are more than 2,000 schools in The Salvation Army, educating in excess of 500,000 children. Salvation Army schools are central to the mission objectives of many territories and offer an incredible opportunity. Schools have the potential to shape young people's lives by ensuring they receive a quality Christian education and are enabled to play a meaningful role in their community.

The IHQ schools desk exists to develop strategies which will provide support for education providers to ensure that our pupils leave school aware of Christ's love and confident in their ability to achieve their God given potential.

The key principles and focus areas for Salvation Army schools are outlined in the International Schools Strategy. The vision statement focuses on what all Salvation Army schools should try to achieve.

Salvation Army schools seek to develop compassionate people of integrity and character with the relevant skills, knowledge and understanding to achieve their full God-given potential. This will be achieved by developing quality, holistic, faith-based, family-focused education prioritising vulnerable and marginalised children.

The guiding principles put Salvation Army schools at the heart of the community they serve and place importance on social, emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual development. There is an emphasis on providing a safe and secure environment supported by corps keeping Christian values at the heart.

Strategy for schools

Classroom at a Salvation Army schoolThe strategy has six focus areas:

  • Providing quality education which leads to high achievement for all
  • Relationships and partnerships
  • Improving infrastructure and maximising resources
  • Developing a plan for sustainability
  • Continually improving the quality of teaching staff and management systems
  • Developing minimum standards and guidelines on child safety and protection


You can contact the Schools desk at International Headquarters by emailing IHQ-Schools@salvationarmy.org