Commissioner HodderTerritorial Commander
Kenya West Territory

Date of birth: 16 June 1958

Nationality: American/British

Home corps: Pasadena Tabernacle, USA Western Territory

Commissioned: 12 June 1988

Married: Jolene Kay Lloyd, 10 June 1982



USA Western Territory
Corps (June 1988), Training College (July 1992), THQ (July 1993)

USA Southern Territory
Training College (July 1997) - additional appointment

International Headquarters
Congress Coordinator (July 1997)

USA Western Territory
General Secretary (September 2000)
Divisional Commander (February 2002)

Kenya Territory
Chief Secretary (March 2006)

Kenya East Territory
Chief Secretary (March 2008)

International Headquarters
International Secretary for Personnel &
Legal & Constitutional Adviser to the General (June 2009)

Kenya West Territory
Territorial Commander (January 2013)