2013 High Council

The 18th High Council convened on Monday 29 July 2013, at the Renaissance Hotel, London Heathrow, UK, to elect the 20th General of The Salvation Army.
Commissioner André Cox was duly elected during the afternoon of 3 August, taking office with immediate effect. He was welcomed to International Headquarters on Monday 5 August.

News releases and features

Saturday 3 August

 21:00 GMT Media Release: Salvation Army elects new international leader
 16:00 GMT Commissioner André Cox elected 20th General of The Salvation Army - Day 6 Report 

Friday 2 August

 22:45 GMT High Council members seek Holy Spirit’s guidance after hearing answers and speeches
by candidates and spouses - Day 5 Report

Thursday 1 August
 19:00 GMT Candidates Prepare to Address the High Council - Day 4 Report 
 Candidate profile: Commissioner André Cox
 Candidate profile: Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder
 Candidate profile: Commissioner James M. Knaggs
 Candidate profile: Commissioner Dick Krommenhoek
 Candidate profile: Commissioner Barry C. Swanson
 Official 2013 High Council photograph Flickr

Wednesday 31 July
 18:45 GMT Nominations Arise Out of a Spirit of Unity - Day 3 Report

Tuesday 30 July
 16:30 GMT High Council Works Steadily Towards Nominations - Day 2 Report

Monday 29 July
 21:45 GMT Historic High Council Commences - Day 1 Report
 17:45 GMT Video Feature: The Opening of the 2013 High Council


Friday 26 July
 Feature - What is the High Council?

Wednesday 24 July
 How the High Council elects a General PDF (by General John Larsson Rtd)

Monday 15 July
 Prayer Sought for 2013 High Council 
 Members of the 2013 High Council Flickr

Tuesday 18 June
 Chief of the Staff Calls High Council to Elect 20th Salvation Army General