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Women Supporting Women: Mary and Martha
27 September 2022
Next in our 'Women Supporting Women' series, we share a study reflection on Mary and Martha.
Spotlight on: United Kingdom and Ireland
24 August 2022
Women of the United Kingdom and Ireland Territory reflect on the Riverbank Conference, 2022.
Women Supporting Women: Kieko Yamamuro
28 July 2022
As part of our 'Women Supporting Women' series, we share the story of anti-trafficking pioneer Kieko Yamamuro.
Spotlight on: Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar
17 June 2022
Commissioner Robyn Maxwell (zonal leader for SPEA) joined with the women of Singapore for a special event.
2022 Bible study: More than Conquerors
10 June 2022
Read, download and print our 2022 Bible study collection, written by 23 young women from across the Salvation Army world.
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Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership: Ruth's loving leadership
24 March 2021
Emilie Trotter (UK) looks closely at the book of Ruth, exploring the power of God-inspired, hope-giving, loving leadership.