Gallery 101

Gallery 101 photoGallery 101 is an exhibition space at The Salvation Army's International Headquarters (IHQ) in central London. The gallery forms part of the public café on the building's lower ground floor, but can be seen – and is lit by natural light – from the iconic pedestrian walkway that links St Paul's Cathedral and the Tate Modern Gallery, via the Millennium Footbridge.

The 101 Queen Victoria Street site has been occupied by The Salvation Army since 1881 but a rebuild that opened in 2004 brought an opportunity for IHQ to be more than just the administrative centre it had been previously. Glass walls with Bible quotations and a new public café allowed IHQ to live up to the challenge of General John Gowans (international leader from 1999-2002) that it should be a 'building that speaks for itself'.

This ethos is reflected in Gallery 101, which hosts up to six exhibitions per year. Many of these publicise and promote the work and mission of The Salvation Army, but the gallery is also available to be used by photographers, painters and other artists whose work is in sympathy with the aims of The Salvation Army. Through hosting these exhibitions and providing support to exhibitors, the gallery team members (from the IHQ Communications Section) believe that people will be drawn into IHQ, where they can learn more about The Salvation Army and its worldwide mission.

Current exhibition

World Water Day 2022

Pause for a moment and consider all the many ways that you may have interacted with water today: brushing your teeth, showering, cooking, drinking and making use of the bathroom!

Many of us are fortunate enough to not think too much about where our water comes from or how safe it is. Yet for many others, water access is a constant worry and this has a huge impact on health, education, and livelihood. Maybe you are one of these people?

Here we explore this challenge, reflect on what water means to us all, and commit to seeking justice for those who do not have the safe water that we should all be able to enjoy.