High Council logoThe 2018 High Council commenced on 17 May 2018.

A High Council comprises all active Salvation Army commissioners (except the spouse of the serving General), territorial commanders and territorial presidents of women’s ministries. Its sole purpose is to prayerfully elect the next international leader of The Salvation Army, who will assume responsibility when General Cox retires at midnight 2 August 2018. Membership of the High Council and some other aspects of its procedures are set out in the Salvation Army Act 1980, enacted by the British Parliament.

News and updates will be published on this page throughout.

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The announcement of the 21st General of The Salvation Army will be made here shortly.


Latest news

First interview with General-Elect
04 June 2018
Interview with Commissioner Brian Peddle who will become the 21st General of The Salvation Army in August
2018 High Council, News
Twenty-first General of The Salvation Army Elected
24 May 2018
On the day voting would begin, it was symbolic that the morning began with the worldwide prayer meeting
2018 High Council, The General, News
Prayers for ‘Inner Strength’ Surround the Candidates
23 May 2018
The candidates and their spouses were given further time on Wednesday morning to finish questionnaires and write speeches.
2018 High Council, News
History-making Continues at Nineteenth High Council
22 May 2018
Tuesday morning began with nominees indicating whether they would accept or decline their nomination for election to office as General.
2018 High Council, News
2018 High Council: Candidate Profiles
22 May 2018
Candidates who have accepted their nomination for General of The Salvation Army in alphabetical order (by surname).
2018 High Council, News
Ground-breaking Nominations Received at 2018 High Council
22 May 2018
Solemn and contemplative moments marked the nominations process in this first stage of the election to be the 21st General of The Salvation Army
2018 High Council, News
Earnest Prayer Precedes Nomination Process
21 May 2018
One by one the members left the chamber to make their nomination in private, returning to post their ballot paper in one of two boxes for this purpose
2018 High Council, News
The General uses Farewell Meeting to call Christians to Be God's Light in the World
20 May 2018
The congregation left having praised God and committed themselves – on a very personal level – to being a light for God in the darkest places of the world.
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The High Council Agrees the Way Forward
18 May 2018
The second day of the 2018 High Council began with the words 'May Jesus Christ Be Praised!' resounding around the chamber
2018 High Council, News
Nineteenth High Council Commences and Elects Commissioner William Cochrane as President
17 May 2018
With the reminder that the Army was relying on this High Council to elect the 21st General, the Chief of the Staff called the High Council to order.
2018 High Council, News
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