24 May 2023

High Council chamber

As the doors opened to the High Council Chamber this morning (Wednesday 24 May), there was a steady stream of members passing by the golden bowl to take a prayer for the day.

In his opening comments the Chaplain, Commissioner Yusak Tampai (Territorial Commander, Indonesia Territory) spoke of the ways in which the High Council is experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit through the prayer support of people around the world. He encouraged members to be in harmony with the Lord as they seek to find the one God has already chosen to serve as General of The Salvation Army.

Deep reverence was expressed as the Council sang ‘My Jesus, my Saviour’. Picking up on the words of the chorus, ‘Shout to the Lord, all the earth, let us sing’, the Chaplain asked members to turn to Psalm 113 and shout out a verse that was relevant to them.

A powerhouse of prayer and praise

In preparation for the significance of the day, the Council sang ‘I want, dear Lord, a heart that’s true and clean’. In between verses of the song, further prayers were shared from the golden bowl. A rich powerhouse of prayer and praise was uplifted, as the heartfelt prayers of those around the world were read out, creating a deeply sacred moment.

Colonel Hary Haran (Territorial Commander, Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar Territory) shared a devotional thought on the life of Barnabas. Barnabas felt the joy of the Lord. His feet walked in the grace of God, his heart felt the grace of God, his eyes saw the grace of God and his mouth was true to the grace of God. He was full of the Holy Spirit. ‘May this be the experience of the High Council members today,’ Colonel Haran said.

Questions for the candidates

The members worked diligently throughout the morning to finalise and approve the questions for both the candidate for General and his or her spouse (if married) to respond to. This significant task complete, the High Council broke for lunch.

Reconvening at 2 pm, the members were invited to prayerfully make their nominations for candidates to accept the office of General.

Please continue to cover the 2023 High Council in prayer. The High Council members are being deeply encouraged, enriched and blessed through your prayers. Find resources and a prayer guide for personal, small group or corps (church) prayer at sar.my/prayforhighcouncil.

Report by Lieut-Colonel Jennifer Groves

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