23 May 2023

Prayers for the High Council

The words of the song ‘This is the day … that the Lord has made’ echoed around the High Council Chamber as the second day of the 2023 High Council commenced.

The Chaplain, Commissioner Yusak Tampai (Territorial Commander, Indonesia Territory), drew attention to the third verse – that ‘the Spirit came’, and still comes. 

Collected in a golden bowl at the welcome meeting on Saturday, prayers were given to members of the High Council. An invitation was given for some of these to be read to the Council, with a rich tapestry of prayer unfolding from Australia, India, Kenya and Nigeria. What a blessed way to commence the day! This pattern of prayer will continue throughout the High Council, as prayers are shared each time the members reconvene for a session. 

Chosen and anointed

Following the singing of ‘Be still, for the presence of the Lord’, the Chaplain read Isaiah 44:1-5. Focusing on the promise of being chosen by God, he spoke of how the members of the High Council are all on this journey, that God will continue to be their provider and that they have been chosen and anointed by God. 

Questions Committee

The morning was given to continuing the work on the Orders of Procedure that will guide the remaining time of the High Council in their deliberations. Once these were agreed, the Council was ready to move on to the next stage in working towards electing the 22nd General of The Salvation Army. 

Following due process, the members of the Questions Committee were elected and High Council members were invited to submit possible questions. The afternoon was given to this committee undertaking the work of formulating the questionnaire to be answered by each candidate.

The committee members are Commissioner Merle Heatwole (Latin America North Territory), Commissioner Devon Haughton (Caribbean Territory), Commissioner John Kumar Dasari (India South Eastern Territory), Commissioner Bente Gundersen (The Netherlands, Czech Republic and Slovakia Territory), Commissioner Miriam Gluyas (Australia Territory), Colonel Alfred Banda (Zambia Territory) and Colonel Diana Macdonald (Pakistan Territory).

Having completed their work, the High Council was able to begin its consideration of the proposed questions. Work on these will continue in the morning. 

The Chaplain concluded the day with devotions.

Prayer for the High Council

Please continue to cover the 2023 High Council in prayer. The Council members are being deeply encouraged, enriched and blessed through your prayers. Find resources and a prayer guide for personal, small group or corps (church) prayer at sar.my/prayforhighcouncil.

Report by Lieut-Colonel Jennifer Groves

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