A paper presented at The Salvation Army’s 4th International Theology and Ethics Symposium, Sunbury Court, 8-12 October 2014.

The IDC is grateful to each presenter for the content of this paper. The papers should be recognised as discussion papers and what is written is not necessarily the official view of The Salvation Army.


“Christ alone.” The phrase was controversial in its Reformation formulation as solus Christus, and it remains so in times of religious pluralism. More recently, the term has garnered new awareness due to In Christ Alone – a popular worship song that has attracted controversy concerning the couplet “Till on that cross as Jesus died,/The wrath of God was satisfied”. What is the Biblical base for “Christ alone”? What is its historical context? How has the rise of “theory of religions” as an academic discipline prompted new questions about Christ as the unique mediator of salvation? Such questions also need to be considered for the sake of inter-faith dialogue; since every religion that makes authoritative and unique truth-claims is confronted by the question of how other religions are to be viewed...

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