What we believe - doctrine for the 21st century


Simplified responses to Frequently Asked Questions about what Salvationists believe.  For fuller explanations, see the Articles of Faith (Doctrines) and the Handbook of Doctrine).



What do we believe about ...


  • The Bible?

    We believe that the Bible is inspired by God. It is the foundation and authority of our faith and life.1



  • God?

    There is only one God who created everything, and who continues to creatively sustain and guide creation towards its ultimate purpose.2 God is a Trinity of three persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - who are the same in essence, but remain distinct as different expressions of God.3



  • What it means to be human? 

    When human beings were created in the image of God 4 they were in a perfect relationship with God, but they rebelled.  As a result, this relationship was spoiled for every generation.5



  • Sin?

    God, who is loving and holy, cannot simply accept this rebellion (which is called sin), and therefore all people are open to judgement by God.6



  • Jesus?

    Through the obedient life, suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus, who is both fully divine and fully human, God provided the way for the relationship with humanity to be to be restored so that we might also be obedient to the Father.7 



  • Restoring our relationship with God?

    In order to enjoy a restored relationship it is necessary to turn away from our disobedience and towards God, believe in the power of Jesus to bring salvation, and so experience the Holy Spirit bringing new life. This experience is confirmed within each believer’s life.8



  • How being a Christian changes our life?

    When, because of divine grace, our relationship with God is repaired, we become aware of a positive spiritual transformation taking place in every aspect of our lives and we become better people in every way.9 



  • Growing and developing as Christians?

    In order for this new life to be maintained, in obedience to God we need to make continual conscious choices to live in the way God intends. We demonstrate this in the way we love and serve others. All Christians, through their cooperation with God’s grace, can become and be kept holy (Christ-like) until Jesus comes again.10  



  • What happens when we die?

    The choices we make in this life will have eternal consequences. If we choose our own way, we will face the pain of having separated ourselves from God.   However, choosing God’s way leads to the joy of an eternal relationship with God.11 



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