From the beginnings of The Salvation Army in 1865 as the East London Revival Society to the present, there has always been a definite creed to which the movement’s members have subscribed. The first printed document of this kind was issued by the East London Christian Revival Society in 1866 or 1867 (the precise date is not known). This included seven articles of faith and a five-point bond of agreement: a 'creed' to believe and a 'code of conduct' to follow.

  • Download Earl Robinson's The History of Salvation Army Doctrine

Since that time, a series of Handbooks of Doctrine has continued the process of seeking to present doctrine in ways that will help people to understand the faith that Salvationists believe.

Recently, a series "Doctrine for today" was published in The Officer magazine, explaining each of the eleven doctrines in a format that involves brief and clear teaching. 

  • Download Robert Street's Doctrine for today - series introduction
  • Download Karen Shakespeare's Doctrine for today - doctrine 1
  • Download Richard Munn's Doctrine for today - doctrine 2
  • Download Ian Barr's Doctrine for today - doctrine 3
  • Download Bill Francis's Doctrine for today - doctrine 4
  • Download Johnny Kleman's Doctrine for today - doctrine 5
  • Download Wendy Swan's Doctrine for today - doctrine 6
  • Download Amy Reardon's Doctrine for today - doctrine 7
  • Download Jim Read's Doctrine for today - doctrine 8
  • Download Gabriel Adepoju's Doctrine for today - doctrine 9
  • Download Geoff Webb's Doctrine for today - doctrine 10
  • Download Elsa Oalang's Doctrine for today - doctrine 11


A new series on the implications of other parts of the Soldiers' Covenant, called "Living by Faith Today", is still in production. Several parts are available here:

  • Download Karen Shakespeare's Believing, Behaving, Becoming and Belonging
  • Download K Zohmingthanga's Living by the truths of the Word of God
  • Download Denise Swansbury's Responsive and Obedient
  • Download Maruilson Souza's Kingdom Values
  • Download Grace Chepkurui's Holy Living
  • Download Donna Evans's My relationships with others
  • Download Karen Shakespeare's A reflection of God's love
  • Download Sun-Yup Hwang's  A call to Stewardship: More than the minimum