A paper presented at The Salvation Army’s 4th International Theology and Ethics Symposium, Sunbury Court, 8-12 October 2014.

The IDC is grateful to each presenter for the content of this paper. The papers should be recognised as discussion papers and what is written is not necessarily the official view of The Salvation Army.


I've been asked to present a short essay on the subject of universalism. Will All Be Saved? is the title and I am going to reveal my conclusion right away: I don't know. But I hope so, and I believe we have good reason to hope so.

The essay will first present briefly how the Christian church has approached the doctrine of hell, how views have changed, and what the available interpretive options are today. I will then discuss the main objections against universalism. By offering a few thoughts on these common objections I attempt to show that universalism does not necessarily lead to the downfall of key Christian beliefs...

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