A paper presented at The Salvation Army’s 4th International Theology and Ethics Symposium, Sunbury Court, 8-12 October 2014.

The IDC is grateful to each presenter for the content of this paper. The papers should be recognised as discussion papers and what is written is not necessarily the official view of The Salvation Army.

Philippians 2:5-11

Most people don’t choose to be a servant. Some are born into servanthood, according to their culture, or expect to remain in a lowly position within their community throughout their life. Others may be glad to become a servant when there is no alternative, but not many choose to be a servant, or embrace the role readily and gladly. Jesus did. There was nothing accidental about God in Christ revealing a servant’s heart. It showed his true nature. It was something we wouldn’t know without his initiative – something we would hardly dare believe. It was God making a statement about himself. As Jesus (God in Christ) had much to say and demonstrate on the subject, it is to his life and teaching that I have turned for reflection...

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