Welcome to the new One Army blog, introduced by Commissioner Robert Street.

Advent Peace
17 December 2018 | Author: Robert Street
Advent thought
Jesus and Priorities
11 April 2018 | Author: Robert Street
Jesus and Priorities
Who is this Jesus?
09 March 2018 | Author: Robert Street
Jesus and his needy family
JESUS - Just Another Refugee?
09 December 2016 | Author: Robert Street
JESUS - Just Another Refugee?
More Ways of Accessing One Army Material
24 November 2016 | Author: Robert Street
One Army Materials
One Army Live
10 February 2016 | Author: Nick Coke
One Army Live
One Army Live begins soon
01 January 2016 | Author: David Giles
Interactive One Army Live sessions begin on Wednesday 13 January 2016 at 7:30pm GMT
Introducing 'One Army' (or 'Here it is!')
21 October 2015 | Author: Robert Street
The One Army blog is here!