For Doubters

‘I won’t believe’, that’s what he said,
Jesus, risen from the dead?
He hadn’t seen with his own eyes
So Thomas said the news was lies,
He wanted proof with no refute,
Nail-pierced hands beyond dispute.

Some other Thomases cry out,
Their heads awash with honest doubt.
‘I can’t believe, I wish I could,
I’ve really tried, but it’s no good,
The doubts keep flowing through my brain’
While unbelief produces pain.

Some say faith is for the weak,
No strength of mind, and far too meek,
Always telling God their cares,
Seeking comfort from their prayers.
But mocking them won’t see the good,
As Jesus always warned it would.

Some doubters with their aspirations,
May well avoid faith’s complications,
To follow Christ from day to day
Would mean they’d have to go his way;
Where it would lead they can’t be sure
So never enter through faith’s door.

Some won’t, some can’t, some don’t know why,
Doubt’s reasons vary, multiply;
For suffering, tragedy and care
Give evidence that life’s not fair;
Rejected Jesus will agree,
Crucified at Calvary.

But Jesus didn’t go away,
The risen Christ is here today,
His living presence everywhere
Still making humble hearts aware.
He welcomes doubters, understands,
Holding out those nail-pierced hands.

Robert Street
March 2021

They Blindfolded Jesus

They blindfolded Jesus so he couldn’t see,
They covered his eyes and removed dignity,
They bound him and struck him
And jeered at his plight,
Those soldiers amused by their own needless spite.

They thought they had taken this man’s sight away,
They hadn’t the vision to see that next day
The person they taunted,
Having seen through the night,
Would conquer the darkness and put it to flight.

With both eyes wide open Jesus went to his death
Firmly nailed to the Cross that would take his last breath,
With clearest of vision
And unhindered sight
He brought in his glorious kingdom of light.

Robert Street
April 2021