24 November 2016
by Robert Street

With more than 20 translations of One Army  material being used and shared around the globe, the practical dedication and enthusiasm of Salvationists is much in evidence. Most territories are producing the goods themselves, with IHQ assistance being readily given as requested. In English-speaking countries, most books and DVDs are (or have been) available only through THQs and/or DHQs. Their vision and support have been crucial to the spreading of the word. It is still vital, but in the new year, they will be aided by a wider availability. Details of exactly how this will take place will be shared on this page in the near future.

Even so, the accessibility of all the material on the One Army web pages - www.salvationarmy.org/onearmy - means that the teaching is readily available worldwide at anytime. And in keeping with the unifying spirit of One Army, our OneArmyLive sessions have started to become a regular feature. Live streams from a UK corps, a USA media symposium and the International College for Officers have set the ball rolling. We are arranging - and encouraging - more to take place.

An additional resource, In the Master's Hands, is now available from SA Trade outlets (book and DVD) and a youth book, My Life in God's Hands, written by Major Nick Coke, will follow soon. More about these developments - and others- in detail in the next blog and on Facebook.

In the meantime, why not share with us ways in which you are using One Army in your part of the world? Your ideas could be just what someone else needs to hear.

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