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Welcome from the General

Welcome to One Army – our unique international teaching resource! Devised to explain the nature and purposes of ‘the Army’, One Army brings together Salvationists and friends the world over.

For those who want to know more about The Salvation Army, this is the most up-to-date, informative and concise guide available. For Salvationists who want to confirm their own faith and mission, this is as reliable and authentic guide you will find anywhere. For those who want to broaden their horizons, support and encourage others around the world and learn about other cultures, this will achieve all those aims.

Your participation is invited and welcomed.

Read on – and God bless you!

General Brian Peddle
International Headquarters
London, UK

Who is this Jesus anyway?

This helpful leaflet will help you discover more about Jesus, and point you in the direction of further information.

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We are pleased to offer a range of resources on this website for use in individual and group settings. In particular, we draw your attention to the following:

One Army Live

One Army Live is our regular live discussion, streamed via the One Army Facebook page. We encourage you to join in with the panel by leaving comments below the video.

The next session is Tuesday 21 January 2020, 7pm (GMT, UK time).

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