Impact of Covid-19 on Responsible Consumption

COVID-19 & Justice

Consumption is a driving force behind the world economy. However, many times we humans take part in irresponsible consumption of our resources. We have control over how we steward our resources and influence over corporate behavior. We can make intentional decisions on how much our household consume and waste. We can also make intentional decisions on which corporations we give our business.

COVID-19 has affected everyone everywhere, but not everyone is affected equally. COVID-19 has slowed down business, education, and other areas of our daily live. However, it has not stopped the effects that we have on the planet. The pandemic is an opportunity to evaluate the way we use our resources.

Responsible Consumption

Follow the link below to find more about SDG 12 and the impact of COVID-19.


General information about SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

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