03 September 2013

International Day of the Girl




On October 11th there will be a Call to Action in honor of the International Day of the Girl.  This will be the second celebration of the Day of Girl.  Girls from around the world will be given opportunity to express what they see as key issues or obstacles to girls.  Girls can talk about human rights in your community.  Another question you can comment on is “what are the girls in your community doing to advance girls rights?”


If you have girls in your Corps or Community Center or place where you operate they are invited to be a part of this International Day of the Girl.  They can express themselves in any form such as a timbrels drill, sacred dance, interviews, musical selection, doing a skit or just being creative in any way shape or form.  Try to keep your video within three minutes. We would like for the Salvation Army to be well represented in celebrating the International Day of the Girl at the United Nations.


You are invited to post your Video on YouTube and then forward to me the name of your video and a copy of the YouTube address so that we can incorporate them into the other videos that will be shown at the United Nations.  We would ask that you post your video on or before September 30, 2013, so that we can make sure they are posted under The Salvation Army for people to see.


Please send the information to: Victoria.Edmonds@Salvationarmy.org