Join us in the Fight for Freedom

Our Vision and Strategy

The Salvation Army fights to see a world filled with justice and freedom.

Salvation Army co-founder Catherine Booth said: ‘If we are to better the future, we must disturb the present.’

In that same spirit, The Salvation Army has made its response to modern slavery and human trafficking a global priority.

We desire to steward our response work in a way that honors those we are serving. We strive to respond holistically and be a part of the solution. We believe our response needs to be specialized and integrated in all parts of The Salvation Army work.

The Fight for Freedom, our International Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Response Strategy, invites everyone to participate.

To have a holistic response we need to activate every part of our Army – from those on the ground and frontlines to those in our headquarters.

The Freedom Action Framework

Our Freedom Action Framework seeks to be a roadmap as we mobilize and work towards a world filled with justice and freedom.



We believe prayer is a foundational and powerful tool as we fight against modern slavery and human trafficking.



Raising awareness and addressing the root causes of modern slavery and human trafficking is a vital element decreasing vulnerability.



The Salvation Army has a holistic view of health and seeks to walk alongside and serve survivors as they regain their physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual health.



We support survivors through legal proceedings, enable the prosecution of offenders and work with offenders to restore a relationship with God and society.



The Salvation Army cannot do it alone. We must be ready to collaborate and network with others to achieve our goal.



We will create internal policies and advocate for external policies that reduce modern slavery and human trafficking and its demand.



Every corps is a resource in this battle. We are often serving those on the margins and in communities where no others can reach.



Ensure our response both contributes to and receives from research and is informed by evidence-based practices.

Key Resources to get started

Check out these essential resources to help equip your journey

Fight for freedom Stategy
Fight for freedom
Global Toolbox

Fight for Freedom Strategy/ Français/हिंदी/Kiswahili/Português/Română/ Pусский/Español
The Salvation Army’s International Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Response Strategy

Fight for Freedom Basic Guidebook  En Español
Our foundational resource to learn about what modern slavery and human trafficking is and dive deeper in our Freedom Action Framework. This resource includes theological reflections, survivor stories, Bible studies and much more.

Global Toolbox
Use this resource to understand practice principles around our 8 action areas: Prayer, Participation, Prevention, Protection, Partnership, Prosecution, Policy and Proof.

International Positional Statement on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Global Resources

Fight For Freedom International Strategy


Fight For Freedom Interational Strategy

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Anti-Human Trafficking DEVOTIONAL GUIDE

A 31-day Prayer and Response to Human Trafficking

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Anti-Trafficking Response During Disasters

Practical Approaches to address human trafficking during emergency disasters


COVID-19 & Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Learn how COVID-19 continues to affect those on the margins of exploitation, and how The Salvation Army can continue its response.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Response Annual Reports

International Annual Day of Prayer