Date of Meeting: 23 April 2019

Meeting Organizer: CADPI, AMAN, IPMG, FILAC, and The Tenure Facility 

ISJC Staff Present: Catherine Millan Flores

Reporter: Catherine Millan Flores

Which SDG does this topic cover? SDGs 10, 13 and 15

Type of meeting: UNPFII- UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues  

Brief summary of presentation of information made

Indigenous leaders from Colombia, Indonesia and Russia came together to talk about security tenure as a key component in protecting forests. 

Rodion Sulyandziga, CSIPN

  • Our mission is to protect the forest.
  • Often people protect the forest with a commercial purpose which can cause changes to our environment.
  • The creation of Natural Parks is not a solution for Indigenous people because we (indigenous people) want the right to protect our land
    • We already have the knowledge about nature
    • It is our home
  •  “The forest does not belong to us. We belong to the Forest”


Mateo Estrada Cordoba, OPIAC

  • The Colombian Government has given land recognition to Indigenous people
    • Putumayo and two other land regions belong to Indigenous people
    • In 2018, 18 million more hectares were allocated to Indigenous people
  • Colombia has 26 Indigenous Communities with 42 different languages
  • We request to our government:
    • The allocation of the lands that have being unoccupied by the Guerrillas
    • Recognition of Indigenous people as a Natural Protection Institution
  • A general mindset change is necessary because it is not possible to talk about deforestation without deforesting our minds 
    • Fight against mining and the road constructions


Rukka Sombolinggi, AMAN

  • Talk and show to your government about the importance of the land and its resources
  • ‘Game changer’ is an economic approach that indigenous people from Indonesia are using to talk to their government about land issues. Show the government how rich your land is and motivate them to allow the community to harvest first before allowing international companies.
  • Indigenous people in Indonesia are still struggling to understand that now only a portion of the land is their property as in the past, everything belonged to them.
  • Indonesian Indigenous people want to defend the land at any cost.
  • Emphasize collective action because strength is found in community.

What was of particular significance to share with The Salvation Army globally?

The Salvation Army works in many rural communities where the land and forest are central to the survival of the community. Recognising the knowledge and understanding of indigenous people is vital to help protect the land and forests. It is not only important to recognise the knowledge of indigenous people when it comes to land issues but also to include them in any community discussions, emphasizing their value and contribution.


Tags: SDG10: Reduced Inequalities, SDG13: Climate Action, SDG15: Life on Land