Date of Meeting: 20 March 2017

Meeting Organizer: UNICEF, USA for Diaspora Partnerships

CSW Delegates Present: Lt-Col. Eirwen Pallant, Major Victoria Edmonds, Captain Swetha Vincent, Joseph Halliday

Reporter: Lt-Col. Eirwen Pallant 

Which SDG does this topic cover? 5, 16

Type of meeting: CSW Parallel Event

Brief summary of presentation of information made

Panel presentations with questions

Although entitled ‘Thinking across our differences’ it was more about active listening

  • All in context of listening to women who have been abused
  • Involved mainly subcultures within the USA
  • Needed for active listening-, curiosity, intentionality to learn and cultural eyes
  • Non judgemental attitude
  • Emphasised in listening to stories- recognize their pain, be human in the relationship, spiritual growth and good deeds
  • Good deeds seen a s a result of relationship building (?indicator)
  • Can involve sharing with others who we are
  • Can involve not telling own story to avoid influencing them in particular way
  • Can help to understand their power, your power, power structures, ways of change
  • Must always be their agenda and decision

What was of particular significance to share with The Salvation Army globally?

Active listening is a skill that is needed for all pastoral care. If we wish to minister to people we must listen first to understand them.