Date of Meeting: 15 July 2016

Meeting Organizer: UNICEF, Permanent Mission of Panama, Child Fund Alliance, Plan International, SOS Children’s Villages, Save the Children

ISJC Staff Present: Major Victoria Edmonds

Reporter: Major Victoria Edmonds

Which SDG does this topic cover? 1, 4

Type of meeting: Interactive panel discussion

Brief summary of presentation of information made

This session was an interactive panel discussion to unpack what it means to leave no one behind especially children.  Addressing the challenges and solutions to ensure all children meeting the 2030 targets.  It addressed learning in conflict situations, post-conflict and fragile situations.  Discussion was brought up about children without parental care and ensuring the voices of children are reflected in the work of the High Level Political Forum.

Some of the topics discussed were:

  • Children and young people are agents of change and investing in children and young people is critical
  • Children should live free from violence
  • Strengthening positive social movements through increased public awareness
  • Migrant, refugee and displaced children are one of the most vulnerable populations groups

Information shared:

  • 1.9 children who are poor died before the age of 5
  • Creating a functional accountability for ensuring that no child is left behind.
  • 8.5 billion fall into the gap for education
  • Keeping up with a failed political system
  • No tracing for nonuse of the SDG’s
  • Many children are not in school and nothing is being done about it
  • The big picture needs to be shared with people in countries
  • Issues need to be addressed at a country level

What was of particular significance to share with The Salvation Army globally?

As far as the work of The Salvation Army it might be helpful to include in the material that is used for Character Building Programs such as Girl Guards, Sunbeams, and other activities some facts about the SDG’s.  It could be done from a Faith Based perspective so as to teach them the SDGs but incorporating the Faith perspective.  The ISJC has resources on its website and plans to develop more.

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Tags: SDG1: No Poverty, SDG4: Quality Education