Date of Meeting: 12 March 2018

Meeting Organizer: Lilith NGO 

ISJC Staff Present: Captain Paula Mendes 

Reporter: Captain Paula Mendes 

Which SDG does this topic cover? 5 and 17 

Type of meeting: CSW Parallel Event

Brief summary of presentation of information made

Hasna Maroudi is a Dutch-Moroccan writer and feminist activist. She is also a Muslin and as so, she shared the challenges of proposing an Islamic feminism. Some highlights:


  • If we just know people from our culture, our religion and our background, we basically don’t know the world, but just our world.
  • Liberty means something different for every person (do not judge the Islam culture and women in burkas – freedom for them is more than this)
  • Our right cannot be determined by someone else. To be truly free is to be able to make our own choices.
  • We need to learn to agree to disagree (Model of Dr. Amina Wadud)
  • A new model: women leading prayers in mosques and including the LGBT community
  • The Quran is basically written and interpreted by men and we should change that
  • We need an intersectional feminism
  • Make efforts to end misogyny but also islamophobia


Examples of this practices:

Feminism in India / Luchadoras (Mexico) / Lilith

What was of particular significance to share with The Salvation Army globally?

There is a movement for gender equality inside the Army, but it is still a challenge to accept this broadly and really go deep in the themes that feminist initiatives propose. We have few interfaith dialogues, and this could happen more because as the panelist said, “if we know just our world, we don’t know the world”. Gender equality is bigger then denomination, religion our other backgrounds that divide us.

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Tags: SDG5: Gender Equality, SDG17: Partnerships for the Goals