Date of Meeting: 12 March 2018

Meeting Organizer: United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

ISJC Staff Present: Major Joseph Muindi

Reporter: Major Joseph Muindi

Which SDG does this topic cover? 1, 3, 4, 5

Type of meeting: Official Opening of CSW62

Brief summary of presentation of information made

The speakers at the event made the following points:

  • The 2018 Commission on Women is happening at a dynamic time for intergovernmental bodies. Women are telling the stories in all around the world saying time is now.
  • The time is now to do the right thing, we need to be in a new era for supporting gender parity. Need to build equality in us all for enabling women to reach their potential.
  • Central question is that of power. Power has to be taken by the powerless not just given by the powerful. We live in male dominated world, there is need to fight for equalities.
  • Gender parity at senior level of UN HQ will be 50-50 by 2021 for all senior positions. The plans are in place to achieve the same by 2028 across the board.
  • Sexual abuse should be addressed at the earliest time possible create enabling at all UN areas to give good environment for all. Let us be proud feminist, let us support women toward their equality.
  • There is need for just and committed world for all for women are part of.
  • Faith in us is the aspirations that we should carry in us.
  • There is need to engage and have considerations in issues of integration for women and girls. Let’s work across races, and cross gender.
  • Faith Based and NGOs roles are key in the process of CSW62 and beyond.


What was of particular significance to share with The Salvation Army globally?

The issue of gender parity is key in The Salvation Army.

We need to recapture our roles of gender as a factor of preaching in our pulpit.

Need to change our methods, need of being innovative in order to reinvent a way of working with the communities in our Officers

We are part of the large world in advocacy and as a church there is need to engage other in order to achieve gender parity

Sexual dignity is what we fight as a Church to to achieve

Reinvent how to involve all decision makers within our reach to pushing Agenda  the SDGs

As the Salvation Army we should acknowledge that religion has been used for discrimination. Policies have been used as an issue.

My reflection

We should work differently from the government, government invest even in their citizens. The time has come for gender parity. Everyone should be made aware of the paradigm shift in the world


Web links for more information Watch the full event at this link

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