General Brian Peddle Updates Salvationists and Friends on COVID-19
20 March 2020
The international leader of The Salvation Army released a video encouraging people to ‘step up’ at this unprecedented time.
Coronavirus Pandemic: The Salvation Army Connected and Continuing to Serve
18 March 2020
The Salvation Army is continuing to meet human needs, despite the challenges of providing essential services when faced with wide-ranging restrictions
The General releases a video message in response to Covid-19
12 March 2020
The General urges Salvationists and friends to 'find ways to demonstrably care and still be the Army who serves'
The General Praises Influence, Message and Excellence of International Staff Songsters at 40th Anniversary Concert
10 March 2020
General Brian Peddle and Comr Rosalie were special guests at A Choral Symphony, the 40th anniversary concert of the International Staff Songsters
The General and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle Celebrate 140 Years of Salvation Army Ministry in Aberdeen, UK
06 March 2020
140 years since The Salvation Army began work in Aberdeen, our international leaders led anniversary celebrations
The General and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle Make Historic First Visit to Botswana
04 March 2020
The General and Commissioner Peddle also spent time in Zimbabwe during the week-long visit to the Zimbabwe and Botswana Territory
Child’s Tooth Money Leads to Opening of New Pop-Up Hostel in London, UK
28 February 2020
‘Dear Salvation Army – I pray you get money to buy houses for everybody. I have £5 from the tooth fairy. Please use it to buy a home’
The Chief of the Staff and Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham Witness Signs of Growth and Renewal in Brazil
26 February 2020
The Chief of the Staff and Comr Bronwyn Buckingham witnessed and participated in a variety of programmes
‘Cry for Justice’: General Calls Salvation Army to Prayer Against Injustice to Women
20 February 2020
General Brian Peddle, international leader of The Salvation Army, has issued a global call to pray for women and girls.
Emergency Team Leaders’ Workshop in Palu, Indonesia, Enables International Sharing and Learning
17 February 2020
More than 30 Salvation Army emergency service personnel from around the world gathered in Palu
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