New International Positional Statement Calls for a ‘Culture of Sustainability’
14 October 2021
A new Salvation Army statement on ‘Caring for the Environment’ calls for immediate action to be taken to address and combat ‘environmental degradation’.
Salvation Army Properties in Acapulco, Mexico, Damaged by Earthquake
10 September 2021
A powerful earthquake that struck the Pacific coast of Mexico caused damage to two Salvation Army buildings in Acapulco.
The Salvation Army in the USA Launches Large-scale Response to Hurricane Ida
02 September 2021
The Salvation Army is engaged in a huge response to help people affected by Hurricane Ida, a Cat-4 hurricane which made landfall on Sunday
Salvation Army Haiti Earthquake Response Expands as UPS Flies In Additional Resources
27 August 2021
Communities in La Fosse, Caillot and La Colline will be provided with essential emergency supplies
The Salvation Army in North-East USA Responds to Tropical Storm Henri
23 August 2021
Emergency Disaster Services personnel in the USA are dealing with the immediate needs of first responders and survivors affected by Tropical Storm Henri
The Salvation Army Continues to Meet Needs Arising from Wildfires In North America and Europe
20 August 2021
Salvation Army staff and volunteers are providing assistance to evacuees and first responders in multiple communities
The Salvation Army in Haiti Prepares to Support Nine Earthquake-hit Communities
19 August 2021
Six locations have been confirmed: Aquin, L’Azile, Duverger, Petite-Rivière, Saint-Louis-du-Sud and Vieux-Bourg-d’Aquin, with three more to be confirmed
The Salvation Army Responds to Devastating Earthquake in Haiti
16 August 2021
The Salvation Army in Haiti is responding after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake brought devastation across the south of the country
Salvation Army Volunteers Respond to Major Wildfires in California, USA
13 August 2021
The Salvation Army in the USA is providing assistance to people affected by wildfires in northern California
Emergency Food and Psychosocial Support Provided by Salvation Army in Wake of South African Unrest
24 July 2021
The Salvation Army in South Africa is working to address the resulting food shortages, especially among the most vulnerable
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