1) Participants must be aged between 7 and 25 years of age.

2) Participants under the age of 18 must have the written permission of their parent/legal guardian.

3) All contributions must adhere to the terms and conditions of the third-party websites used (eg YouTube) and abide by all local, regional and national laws.

4) Participants should read and abide by The Salvation Army's social media guidelines.

5) Videos should be no longer than 1½ minutes in total, and should seek to answer the five questions outlined at

6) Videos should be uploaded to a personal account on YouTube or similar, with privacy set to 'public' or 'unlisted'. (Don't have an account? Register here:

7) Would-be contributors who are under the mandated age for using video upload services must seek the help of parents, guardians or Salvation Army children's/youth leaders.

8) The URL (web address) of the uploaded video should be submitted to, giving the name, age and location of the participant.

9) If a language other than English is used, a translation should be provided.

10) Participants are bound by The Salvation Army's website terms and conditions. Specific attention is drawn to the fact that submitting content to a Salvation Army website or social media platform constitutes granting us a non-exclusive licence to publish that material online and/or in print.

11) Contributed videos may be used in a compilation package for the General's Consultative Council in January 2014.

12) The views and opinions expressed by contributors may not reflect the official stance of The Salvation Army. We reserve the right to remove links to videos or other content.

Queries, parental permission confirmation or submissions that cannot be made public for security reasons should be addressed to This email address should only be used in connection with this initiative, and not for any other correspondence.