The Women's Department in the Kenya East Territory oversees the following programs:

 Home League


The Home League is an international fellowship of women that meets weekly for fellowship, worship, education and serviceThey meet together for special seminars, retreats, and once a year they meet together for a divisional/district congress. 

 Home League Exchanges



Our most popular Home League programs are the exchanges where two groups take turns visiting once another to learn more about their ministries.  This can take place within a division/district, between divisions/districts, or even outside of the territory.


Home League Health Education

 This program started in 1985 as a child survival initiative project teaching mothers important basic health principles.  It has grown into health seminars for all ages focusing on raising a health family.

 Junior Home League


This program is the same as Senior Home League but geared for the young woman.


Community Care Ministries & Junior Community Care Ministries

Community Care Ministries is a program to motivate, mobilize and train volunteers of all ages to effectively carry out Christ's commission to care for those in need.  Our members visit homes, hospitals, prisons, support families who have lost a loved one, and find practical ways to support those who are in need.


Salvation Army Medical Fellowship

 Nurses, doctors, and midwives serve through the Army by providing health seminars, administering shots, and conducting health screening.   Our Territorial SAMF congress is in August of this year. 


Within the last two years the women's department has started supporting sex-workers who wish to get off of the streets.  We now have 5 large support groups which receive teachings on health issues and training in income generating activities.  They also receive spiritual support and loving fellowship.

 With The Salvation Army's support, one group has started a catering business, another group sells sweaters, and several groups sell jewelry.


The basic components of the program are community counseling, income generatingactivities, training in home based care, loans, and exchange programs.

 Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

Volunteers train community workers in seeking out and helping those in communities with disabilities.


WORTH is an innovative, women's empowerment program empowering women to be self reliant, learn to read and write, and increase their economic participation throughestablishing village banks and developing small businesses.


An international fellowship to provide a means whereby The Salvation Army can recognize and honor each mother and father whose son or daughter is commissioned as an officer in The Salvation Army