The Salvation Army in Kenya East is committed to the organization's world wide mission to serve people without discrimination in Christ's name. Our social centres and schools help us promote that mission.

We have the following social centres:

  1. Mombasa Children's Home and Kabete Children's Home - caring for orphans and other children who cannot be cared for by their families.
  2. Variety Village and Nairobi Girls Training Centre - providing vocational training to give a future to young people not able to go to secondary school. Variety Village specifically includes care for students with physical disabilities among other programmes.
  3. Community Centres in the slums of Dandora Phase V and Kibera - hosting several programmes including nursery schools for local needy children
  4. Lions Girls Hostel - giving accommodation to young women pursuing higher education
  5. Special Schools for Children with Disabilities including :
  • Likoni Schoool for the Blind.
  • Thika Primary and High School for the Blind.
  • Joytown Primary and Secondary for Physically Disabled.
  • Njoro Special School for the Mentally Disabled

6. Kithituni Health Clinic - to serve the medical needs of rural communitites.

In addition, the Salvation Army sponsors close to 200 schools in Eastern part of Kenya. In these schools, we provide pastoral care and counseling by an officer assigned as chaplain. We also provide funds and projects when able.

The Salvation Army helps individuals in need. Our Sponsorship department handles donations sent for over a thousand children, some in our institutions and some not. They also promote the funding of higher education for young adults who would not have the opportunity otherwise. After the crisis, the Salvation Army sent an Emergency Response Team to IDP camps with food and other supplies in Nairobi. With help from IHQ, we also sent funds to Divisions around the Territory to do the same. When there is a need, we do our best to meet it.

There are several things that happen on the local level to assist people socially. These include microcredit programmes, fund raising for local need, and psycho social support for young people, income generating projects and the like.