Bible Study

The Salvation Army started its evangelistic work in Kenya in early 1896 when three Salvationists based at Taru near Mombasa testified to the goodness of their Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. The three railway builders converted many people to Christianity through their personal evangelism. By the year 1910, a few members of the Salvation Army could be seen coming together in camps for Christian fellowship.

Since 1921, the work of evangelism has had a great impact in the growth of the Army in the former East Africa Territory which included Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania which later gave birth to Kenya and Tanzania Territory and Uganda Command.  Kenya Territory grew and brought forth Kenya East and West Territories in March 2008.

Since the creation of Kenya East Territory, there has been growth to 17 Divisions and Districts evangelism has taken place since that time and has made the work of the Salvation Army grow to greater heights over the last 90 years. Senior membership has grown to 175,661 while the junior membership has grown to 186,019.

Pastors (Officers) of the Salvation Army have evangelized tirelessly over the years since the commencement of the work of the Army in East Africa Territory then Kenya Territory and now Kenya East Territory.

Evangelism has led to growth of the Army in East Africa Territory, Uganda and Tanzania which were originally attached to Kenya to form the East Africa they are now separated from the present Kenya Territory to carry on with its own evangelism work as Commands.

Evangelism is carried through by planned campaigns, Sunday worship, open air meetings, indoor meetings, door to door visitation, community based programmes, and through Christian fellowship in our various churches throughout the two countries Kenya and Uganda.

The aim being to

(i) win souls for Christ.

(ii) Care of officers (Pastors) within the Territory is given in the Personnel Department

Our Training College, situated in Thika, provides a comprehensive two year theory and practical course, followed by compulsory courses by correspondence. The college for Extension Training (CFET) gives opportunity for officers and lay personnel to undertake studies in many subjects including Bible, Salvation Army Doctrines, Women's Ministries, Counselling, Management and Finance.

 Seminars are held throughout the year, giving guidance and direction to officers, helping them to fulfill their tasks in ministry in corps, social centers and headquarters appointments. Those officers who have retired are cared for practically and supported by headquarters staff as well as in their local situation.