The Salvation Army in Kenya East Territory is  actively involved in :

Salvation of Man by grace through the redemption that come by Christ Jesus. This is met by it being an evangelical part of the Universal Christian Church and an intergral part of the main stream churches in Kenya . Our aim is to meet the needs of the whole person, body, mind and soul. This is expressed in our being available to all people through social institutions, schools and corps in an endeavour to care for the needy and teach and train as opportunity allows. Our mission is to teach and preach the Word of God based on the truths of the Bible with emphasis on holiness.

Social Work in Kenya . With heart to God, we give hand to man.

The Salvation Army runs social care providers in Kenya with  children's homes, in the coastal town of Mombasa and in Kibera community and Kabete in Nairobi.

We also run vocational training centres and schools for the physically handicapped, which have given an opportunity to pupils who would otherwise be excluded from school. Although it is costly to run the homes and special schools, social work is of uttermost importance to The Salvation Army. Thus the social department will continue serving the community to its level best. 

Under the auspices of the Army, the sponsorship office seeks funding from local and overseas sources and all the proceeds go into sponsorship of needy children and in homes and special schools.The Sponsorship Office helps the most needy cases. The office focuses on individual cases and sponsors children drawn from broken homes, Aids orphans and the rest of the underprivileged children from the humblest backgrounds.

 We also have an Editorial Department which disseminates information and uses Sauti ya Vita (War Cry), a publication of The Salvation Army, to reach out to people all over the territory and beyond. The publication is a tool of evangelism and boasts a circulation of  13,095 copies every month.