Major John Murray (IHQ's Communications Secretary), who is leading the team, says: ‘This is an extraordinary opportunity to highlight the important work of The Salvation Army across India and to see first-hand the recovery work in Nepal. We invite Salvationists and friends to follow our journey and see India through our eyes.’

David Giles (Web Manager) is also enthusiastic about the visit. ‘India is a country of contrasts – high-tech industries coexist with subsistence farmers; vulnerable children eke out a living alongside the very railways that contributed so dramatically to India’s economic growth. The Salvation Army has always advocated for those who have no voice – it’s a privilege to be able to see and hear the stories of the “voiceless” in person.’

Gary Rose (Multimedia Producer) concurs. ‘I’m looking forward to documenting the work of our oldest mission field on film,' he explains. 'Seeing the beauty of the country while grappling with the emotions that will be invoked when witnessing the inevitable deprivation – it will be a memorable experience.’

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