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The Salvation Army in Zimbabwe has held a training workshop to further equip its members for peace-building activities in their local communities in the run up to this year's elections.

Time was spent considering ways of promoting peace through Bible studies, preaching and prayer, shared experiences, practical applications and exercises which will be presented through church and community programmes. Messages of peace will also be communicated across various media networks.

Among the resources produced is a song and video featuring children and young people from around the country. 'Zimbabwe, My Home' encourages people from all across the nation to celebrate their homeland and work together in harmony for the good of everyone. 'We choose peace together - one family.'

Message from the General

As General of The Salvation Army I have travelled all over the world. As a Salvation Army officer I have lived in several towns, cities and countries. But in many ways it is Zimbabawe that feels like home.

Historically, though Zimbabweans are a peace loving people, elections in the country have not always mirrored this desire for peace.

Can I ask you for five minutes of your time, to watch this video, ‘Zimbabwe, My Home’?

Be inspired by the youth, the beauty and the spirit of the people – and then pray. Pray that this election is different.

Pray for peace in Zimbabwe, a place I call home.

General André Cox

Watch the video

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