The Heart of GodThe Life and Legacy of William Booth Part 1: 1829-1878

Gordon Taylor

William Booth was born into a middle-class family, but did not aspire to wealth or prosperity and amassed no personal fortune. He adopted a simple lifestyle, lived in modest but comfortable surroundings, and worked tirelessly for others, rather than himself.

During his long life, he played many parts; the wilful youth - the reluctant student - the pawnbroker's apprentice - the passionate convert - the Methodist minister - the ardent lover and devoted husband - the independent evangelist - the father of three sons and five daughters - the mission superintendent. Thirty-four years after his conversion to Christ, he became the General of The Salvation Army a few months before his 50th birthday.

Through meticulous research, Gordon Taylor discovers the ‘man behind the myths’ and presents a fascinating narrative built around letters, diaries, newspaper reports, public addresses and personal writings.

Published August 2019.


ISBN 978-1911149-97-2

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