The International Development Services exists to serve local Salvation Army personnel in developing countries who, day by day, extend a hand to their neighbours to help them out of poverty, whoever they may be.

There are five main focus areas for the project implementation. These vary extensively depending on the specific case. They include the following areas:

Capacity Building

Using the resources available to build on strengths of a community and make sure the work carried out is utilising the aptitude of the environment.


Providing strategic support to the Salvation Army supporting offices based in more developed countries through sharing of good practice and coordination of resources.

FBF Training

We provide training in Faith Based Facilitation tools that enable The Salvation Army to work more effectively with communities of any race, gender of religion. Community based tools help us use methods in community discussions that unwrap complex issues and how to best address them. Tools also enable us to identify strengths in communities to fully utilise in all our projects. The aim is to help the communities identify where relationships have broken down and what they can do to rebuild them.


Support the work of The Salvation Army’s International Social Justice Commission in their mission of advocacy on behalf of the poor. Work with the International Emergency Services section in helping The Salvation Army support communities prepare for, and recover from, hazards.


Providing support for Salvation Army territories in developing countries needing international funds for their work with communities, whether related to church based infrastructure (Mission Support Projects) or development work (Community Development Projects). This support is vital to improve accountability and coordination of resources.


Case Studies 

To find out more about how our work has had impact on others, you can read our case studies. These recognise what impact the projects have had and how we have learnt from them. 



Our tools are downloadable documents that are designed to support you and your community in learning. 


Further Resources 

Take a look at our resources page to see more resources you can use and learn from.