21 March 2018

MEMBERS and friends of Southport Corps (church) in the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland counted it a great privilege to have their 135th anniversary celebrations led by General André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox (World President of Women's Ministries). They were supported by Majors Drew and Beverley McCombe, leaders of the North-West England and North Wales Division. 

The weekend commenced with a festival of music held in Emmanuel Church, Southport’s largest place of worship. A great atmosphere was created from the commencement of the evening, with the corps band and songsters, kids’ choir and young people’s band all taking part.

Commissioner Cox spoke of her many experiences as a Salvation Army officer both in this country and abroad and her current role as World President of Women’s Ministries.   

The General congratulated Southport Corps on its 135 years of Christian ministry and for all that had been achieved during this period. However, he urged the corps not to rest on its laurels, recognising that today’s sick world needs the Lord more than ever.

The General in Southport

On Sunday morning at the corps, the international leaders were shown around the recently built worship and community centre. They were made aware of the wide range of activities taking place there each week.

The all-age morning worship meeting recognised that it was Mother's Day in the UK. The young people from the corps played a prominent role, paying tributes to their mothers, giving the Bible readings and providing all the music. The General had young people in mind when he spoke on the theme of Living in Righteousness.

The final meeting of the weekend took the form of an afternoon of celebration, supported by the band and songsters. One highlight of the meeting was a question-and-answer session where the young people took the opportunity of questioning the General about his likes and dislikes, and his vision for the future of The Salvation Army.

Commissioner Cox gave a spirited address, linking her thoughts to the words from John Gowans's song 'There is a Message'. She urged her listeners to commit themselves to the Lord but also recognised that – during the challenges of Christian experience – people have periodic doubts and concerns. She added that no one should ever lose sight of the fact that Jesus is the answer to every need.

Report by Geoff McNicol

  • Photos from the weekend can be downloaded from the IHQ Flickr stream: sar.my/gensop


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