20 November 2014

THE Chief of Staff (Commissioner William Roberts) and Commissioner Nancy Roberts (World Secretary for Women’s Ministries) were guest leaders for Kenya East Territory’s commissioning celebrations.

On arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, the leaders were received by Territorial Commander Commissioner Vinece Chigariro, officers, local officers, bands, timbrellists, songsters and friends of the Salvation Army. The Chief told the welcome party: ‘It is our prayer that everything happening this weekend will bring honour and glory to God.’

The weekend's events began with a Cadets' Farewell Festival, which included a Silver Star presentation, recognising the influence of parents on the cadets. Commissioner Nancy Roberts challenged the 36 cadets of the Heralds of Grace Session and their parents to keep shining like stars in the world. The territorial commander thanked the parents for allowing the cadets to serve in this way and assured them that God will take care of their children.

On behalf of all the cadets, Cadet Damian Mutheu thanked the parents for their support, education and for accepting their choice of serving God in The Salvation Army. She also offered thanks for the compassion shown by the parents who had taken care of grandchildren whose parents were in training.

The Chief of the Staff spoke about saying goodbye, challenging all present to ‘say goodbye’ to things that hinder them from loving God and following him fully.

Commissioning Sunday began with a march-past and salute in Thika High School for the Blind. At the commencement of the meeting, cadets of the Messengers of Light Session marched into the tent that served as the meeting room, in contrast to members of the Heralds of Grace Session, who entered in silence. Quietness came upon the hall as the cadets entered one by one, each holding an open Bible.

After the commissioning ceremony, two of the new officers gave their testimony. Lieutenant Simon Kitonyi spoke about how God’s grace has seen him through the years of cadetship. Lieutenant Margaret Njeri in her testimony called upon those who are discouraged in life to keep trusting in the Lord, who turns mourning to laughter and tears to joy.

The meetings were enriched by music contributions from the territorial band and songsters, Nairobi Central Corps Band and Ladies Band, Kilome District Songsters and Machakos Division Youth Timbrels and Gospel Dance.

In his challenge to the new lieutenants, the Chief of the Staff reminded them that they are Salvation Army officers and they should hold on to that. He challenged them to remember the promises made in their officers covenant and always to be ‘blood and fire’ officers.

The new lieutenants were given ‘marching orders’ to their first appointments by the territorial commander.

During their time in the territory, the Chief and Commissioner Nancy Roberts also visited territorial headquarters, where they participated in morning devotions, and witnessed the work being carried out at Nairobi Girls' Training Centre and Kibera Corps and Primary School.


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