15 March 2013

GENERAL Linda Bond shared The Salvation Army's International Vision – One Army, One Message, One Mission – with officers, soldiers and young people alike suring her visit to the Korea Territory. She also visited a number of social centres, giving much encouragement to staff and residents.

At the Seoul Broadview Children's Home the General acknowledged the deep bows of the children – a custom on the first day of the lunar year. Visits were also made to the Bridge Centre – a drop-in facility for homeless people not far from the main Seoul Station – and the nearby 'One Room of Hope' accommodation centre. At the Doori Home for unwed mothers and sex trade victims the General was moved by the work that was carried out there. She commended the staff for their commitment.

At officers councils the General shared powerfully and spiritually with the gathered officers who had come from all areas of the territory. The following day, at the Officer Training College, the General led the Territorial Silver Star Fellowship Meeting and Luncheon in the morning, before conducting the Commissioning, Ordination and Appointments Meeting of the Proclaimers of the Resurrection Session of cadets. The General urged the new officers to continue to proclaim the resurrection of Jesus throughout their service.

On Sunday morning, at the invitation of Senior Pastor Lee, Young-hoon of the Yoido Full Gospel Church (the world's largest church), the General preached and spoke vibrantly on 'send the fire' to a congregation of 20,000 people. The church gave a donation of US$10,000 for the mission of the international Salvation Army.

In the afternoon, the General led a United Divisional Rally at the Yung Deung Po Corps. Officers, soldiers and friends of the Seoul Division, Seoul South Division, Officer Training College and territorial headquarters gathered to worship together under their international leader.

The General shared the International Vision at a welcome reception hosted by the Territorial Corps Sergeants-Major Fellowship in the evening. Fellowship members were inspired by her words and presented her with a donation of 30 million South Korean won (approximately US$26,000) to be used for ministry in a non self-supporting territory.

For the next main event, the Territorial Youth Vision Rally, the General travelled to the Territorial Retreat and Conference Centre at Mount Paekhwasan.

Young people from Korea were joined by 57 overseas delegates from the Australia Eastern; Japan; Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar; The Philippines; Papua New Guinea; and Indonesia Territories, from Taiwan Region and from Mongolia and the Kingdom of Cambodia – two countries that are part of the Korea Territory. In total 1,300 delegates attended the rally.

The General led the first meeting – a Spiritual Meeting and Welcome Festival. In her Bible message she spoke about the Lord's vision for young people. She inspired her listeners, who were led to see what Jesus saw.

The following day the General shared the International Vision Plan's 12 Mission Priorities. After this, a two-hour session of questions and answers was shared between the General and the young people. The General was a hit, also having her photograph taken with a huge number of young Salvationists.

She told the young people that they were the next Army as well as the present, encouraging all to dedicate their talents and lives for the Army with one mission and one message.

Report by Major Park, Sang-yeon
Translated by Major Kim, Jong-sun