14 October 2020

GENERAL Brian Peddle, international leader of The Salvation Army, has released a new video message in light of the challenges brought about by COVID-19. Acknowledging the tragic tolls of death, hardship and loss, and grounded in biblical truths, the General invites viewers to ‘exercise the kind of faith that we find in Hebrews 11’.

‘There is nothing good about COVID-19,’ says the General firmly, but – he asks – ‘what if there are … positive outcomes’ that might result from the effects of the pandemic?

In the impassioned message – which has been translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese and German – the General exhorts Salvationists and friends to consider topics such as mission, creation care and the busyness of daily life. ‘More than anything,’ he postulates, ‘what if God, in this moment, is truly near to each of us?’

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The message also brings assurance that the international Salvation Army – with its presence in 131 countries worldwide – continues to meet very real need. Even so, the General notes that ‘it is not all level ground’, and observes the differences in resourcing that present tangible difficulties in meeting needs. ‘Thank God that we still know how to help each other,’ the General declares.

In conclusion, General Peddle reflects on the ‘living hope’ described in 1 Peter 1:3–4, exhorting Salvationists and friends ‘to be faithful in these days, to be faithful in the meantime.’

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