03 November 2017

MORE than 100 Salvationists and friends gathered at Trivandrum International Airport in India to welcome the Chief of the Staff (Commissioner Brian Peddle) and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle (World Secretary for Women's Ministries). The Chief told the welcome party that he was 'expecting blessings' during his time in the India South Western Territory.

The following day, the international visitors attended a meeting for local church leaders, including bishops. The Chief spoke about the importance of the different denominations working together as a united Church, adding: 'I find hope in young people in this wonderful country of India.' Also at the meeting were territorial leaders Colonels Nihal and Rohini Hettiarachchi, International Secretary for South Asia Commissioner Alistair Venter and officers from territorial headquarters. The concluding prayer was given by Commissioner Rosalie Peddle.


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After officers councils the next day, around 3,000 Salvationists and friends gathered at the Jimmy George Indoor Stadium for an evening of celebration and praise featuring tambourine displays, skits, choreography and songs. The Chief of the Staff and Commissioner Rosalie were greeted with drums and musical instruments played by enthusiastic young people.

Giving the Bible message, the Chief reminded the congregation that 'God has a plan for you and a dream about The Salvation Army in India'. After his words of challenge, people of all ages made their way to the mercy seat in acts of dedication.

The final event of the visit was the Sunday morning holiness meeting at Trivandrum Central Corps (church), where a congregation of about 700 people showed great joy and excitement to share worship with the international visitors. The Chief of the Staff and Commissioner Rosalie enjoyed a tambourine display and a recorder item by the young people.

The Chief spoke about the prophet Isaiah, comparing his situation with that faced by Salvationists today. 'We are called by God,' he said, 'who raised us from our circumstances.' More than 200 people made their way to the mercy seat for prayer, and some young people offered their lives as officers in The Salvation Army.

Before leaving Trivandrum, the Chief of the Staff and Commissioner Rosalie Peddle led the three-day Conference of Indian Leaders (COIL), which was attended by leaders from every Indian territory.

From a report by Major Jose P. Mathew



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