01 October 2014

THE visit of the Chief of the Staff (Commissioner William Roberts) and Commissioner Nancy Roberts (World Secretary for Women's Ministries) to the South America East Territory was something of a homecoming, as the commissioners led the territory for more than three years before being appointed to International Headquarters in February 2005. They were delighted, therefore, to return to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to install Commissioners Jorge and Adelina Ferreira as the new territorial leaders.

The visit began at a gathering that included members of the territorial cabinet, divisional commanders and district officers. The Chief of the Staff had words of encouragement for those who were present and reminded them of the purpose and mission for which the Salvation Army exists.

The next day, the international visitors participated in the Sunday morning holiness meeting attended by a great number of officers, soldiers and friends of The Salvation Army. Commissioner Nancy Roberts shared some words of greeting, thanking God that she was back in the South America East Territory and able to meet again with its Salvationists. In her words of testimony she made particular mention of the word 'Ebenezer' – as recorded in 1 Samuel – which means 'thus far the Lord has helped us'.

Before proceeding with the installation ceremony of the new territorial leaders, the Chief of the Staff stated again how privileged he and Commissioner Nancy felt to be part of such a significant occasion for a territory in which they still feel at home. He called on the congregation to support its new leaders in prayer.

The visit of the Chief and Commissioner Nancy left all who were present with a challenge to remain firm in their response to God’s calling, and with a greater awareness that they are part of 'One Army, with One Mission and One Message'.

Report by Major Alicia Gauchat
Territorial Literary Secretary
South America East


Tags: Americas and Caribbean, Events