International Day of Prayer for Children and Youth 2020 – Power of One

It is our pleasure again this year to celebrate children and youth during The Salvation Army’s International Day of Prayer which has been scheduled for 29 March 2020. We are grateful for the collaborative effort of the European Territorial Children & Youth Secretaries’ Network  who have helped to develop this year’s theme, The Power of One, and accompanying resources.

This year’s theme is based on a verse from Isaiah: 

Then I heard the Lord saying, 'Whom should I send to my people? Who will go to represent us?' I spoke up and said, 'I will be the ONE. Send me.'  Isaiah 6:8, The Passion Translation

It is our sincere prayer that this intentional focus will help children, youth and families come to understand that God has created them to help make a difference in the world in which they live.  We pray that this opportunity will serve to encourage and empower our young people to be the unique individuals that God has created them to be. He has big plans for the one who is willing to live their life for His glory!

Documents are here in PDF, Publisher and Word format. If your territory is translating the material, we would be pleased to receive a copy of this to make this available to others. Please email these to

Thank you for sharing these resources with your ministry units through your territorial youth leaders. We’ll look forward to receiving your highlights of this special day!

May God continue to bless your ministries to children and youth!

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