Head, Hands and FeetWhat Peter and Jesus did next.

Robert Street

When Peter spontaneously asked Jesus to wash his head and hands as well as his feet, he could hardly have imagined what his head, hands and feet would do in the next few hours. Even less would he have realised what a contrast the head, hands and feet of Jesus would make with his own actions.

This study looks at events of the night before Jesus died and compares the actions of the disciples with the calm, controlled and caring way in which Jesus did what needed to be done.

It can also be used for group study, with those participating sharing their thoughts. The subjects have been chosen to stimulate thought about the depth of love found in Jesus Christ and how he deals with our inadequacies.

By contrasting the actions of Peter and the disciples with those of Jesus, we can see more clearly how Jesus refused to be distracted from doing his Father's will and how we can learn from his total commitment to us and our salvation.

There is also a post-Resurrection study to follow through Peter's spiritual renewal and reconciliation with Jesus.

Published February 2020

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ISBN 978-1912981-16-8

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