A New DayWriting during the pandemic on relationships, responsibility and spiritual renewal.

Peter McGuigan, with photographs by Gareth McGuigan

Born out of the author's experience of the COVID-19 pandemic, this collection explores themes of longing, hope and assurance.

The global pandemic prompted many people to reflect on what was lacking in their pre-COVID lives. The desires to enrich relationships, find spiritual renewal and to take responsibility for creating a better world are all reflected in this beautifully illustrated book. 

'One can read and reread these essays and be refreshed each time. Not only that, but the photographs complement the text and jolt us back to the wonder of our world and the assurance that a new day is a tangible possibility for us all.' - Professor Graeme Young

Published November 2022. 


ISBN 978-1-912981-61-8

Available from your local Salvation Army trade department, local bookshops and on Amazon.


ISBN 978-1-912981-62-5