Session 212 began the week by specialling at Southampton Shirley Corps.  We were greeted with warm enthusiasm by the Corps members.  Major Damian Ogeda gave an annointed message.  We enjoyed being billeted with various members of the Corps. 


On Monday Lieut Colonels Richard and Janet Munn called us to respect men and women for their strengths.  We began another 24 hour period of 24/7 prayer.  The following day, Lieut Colonel Richard Munn gave us an informative series of lectures on international ecumenical relations.

On Wednesday, Major Jean Paul Toni from Paris, France, invited us to consider our images of God through a new set of glasses, stirring our hearts to know God's love.



General Linda Bond graciously spent Thursday with us, teaching Spiritual Authority and answering questions submitted by the session.  As always, she was an inspiration to everyone.  During her visit, she took the time for a photo opportunity with Lieut. Colonel Janet Munn on the occasion of the newly published "Army on its Knees" book which she co-authored with Major Stephen Court.



On Thursday evening, the Americas and Caribbean Zone provided an exciting and fun filled night of laughter and dance as they presented their Territories.