The week began with 48 hours of 24/7 Prayer and Bible Study by General John and Commissioner Freda Larsson.  Commissioner Ann Woodall shared with us the finances of the International Salvation Army.  Monday was the final God's Way with Me testimonies, and we rejoice in God's work in all of our lives.

On Tuesday, the IHQ Programme Resource team gave us insights on Communications, Health and Social, Mission Resources, and Projects from a global perspective.  This week we enjoyed a day of teaching on Salvationist Spirituality and Sacramental Living presented by Lt. Col. Richard Munn.

On Thursday, the day began with a 6:30 a.m. General's Prayer Meeting, followed by IHQ Prayers led by the delegates and a tour of IHQ.  We also dropped into St. Paul's Cathedral which was in the neighbourhood. 

IHQ prayers


St. paul's

We ended Thursday with an enjoyable evening on the World Perspective of South Asia Zone. 

India group