Our third week at ICO was another week of inspiration and spiritual enrichment.  We were blessed and honoured to have a visit from General Linda Bond, a very powerful yet humble woman of God.  She challenged us with a message of hope from Romans 15:13, as she spoke about our God of hope.  We were warmly moved and encouraged by her message and her presence with us.

Our lecturers this week were also very stimulating and thought provoking.  Lt-Colonel Ian Barr spoke on the Doctrine of Holiness, presenting it in such a way that we were inspired, more than ever, to place an emphasis on holy living for ourselves and those to whom we minister.    

We were also visited by Commissioner Christine MacMillan as she shared her passion for social justice issues, spurring us on to righteous anger and action in an unjust world.  

Our outings this week included a tour of the East End of London.  Our visit to William and Catherine Booths' graveside and a walk through White Chapel were moving and impactful moments for many of us.  We also visited Nottingham and the house where William Booth was born.  The connection with the history of The Salvation Army was a means of challenging our hearts to do more in the present in response to the needs of those in our communities today and the Call of God upon our lives. 


Another highlight this week was the African Zonal Night as the three delegates from Africa shared about their countries and the amazing way in which God is blessing the work of The Salvation Army in their homelands.  It was a very informative and enjoyable evening.  As the first zonal presenters, they set the bar high for the rest of us.