1904     The idea was put forward by Commissioner Henry Howard at the International Congress held at the Crystal Palace, London.

1905     The Staff Training Lodge was founded at Clapton under Commissioner Howard, then Training Commissioner.  Early on, the idea of effective leadership developed, and Army principles and goals were important.  This establishment continued to operate in the Clapton area 1905 - 1914.

1909     The Staff Lodge, renamed as the International Staff College, moved to larger premises near Clapton Common.

1914     Programme disrupted by the First World War.

1921     Reopened at Clapton under Colonel Alfred Cunningham, who later became Chief of the Staff.  After the war, there was a great need to unify the international Salvation Army and to cement relationships between officers, eg Special session for officers preparing to serve overseas with language classes in Hindi, Gujerati, Marathi, Tamil, Dutch, Korean, Spanish and Chinese.

1926     International Training Institute at Sunbury Court with 39 young officers from the UK and 39 from overseas.

From late 1920s     The depression years and then the outbreak of the Second World War meant that the programme was again put on hold.  At the end of the war international links urgently needed strengthening again in the aftermath of the ravages of war.

1947     International Refresher Course held at Sunbury Court.  Over 70  officers came together for 6 weeks.  Its success confirmed the need for the re-establishing of an international centre.  This had been one of General Albert Orsborn's promises when elected General.

1950     The International Staff College was established at 34 Sydenham Hill.  ‘The Cedars' had been purchased in 1944.  It was converted into a centre for specialised officer training.  Lieut.-Commissioner Fred Hammond became the principal.

1954     The name was changed to The International College for Officers, with Commissioner Alfred Gilliard as principal.

1961     Twenty-six rooms were opened at The Lodge, an enormous improvement on earlier accommodation.

1997     A new Dining Room was added.

2008     The name was changed to The International College for Officers and Centre for Spiritual Life Development, with Lieut.-Colonels Janet & Richard Munn as principals.

2014     The International College for Officers relocated to Sunbury Court